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Νέα ηλεκτρονική υπηρεσία για τους πελάτες μας, που προσφέρει δυνατότητα υποβολή νέας και παρακολούθησης παλαιάς αίτησης, όπως και παρακολούθηση οικονομικών στοιχείων

Geotest S.A. Profile

GEOTEST S.A was established in April of 2003 and is situated in Ioannina, at the 5th klm of the National Road of Ioannina-Athens. The laboratory and offices of the company are covering an area of 300m2. The company shareholders are 12 engineers of different specialties
GEOTEST S.A provides services within the fields of quality control of structural and building materials (asphalt, concrete, aggregates and soil) , pavement management systems , Nondestructive testing (NDT) and on – site investigation of reinforced concrete structure.

GEOGNOSI S.A. is the parent company of GEOTEST S.A, which is one of the greatest geotechnical companies of Greece. GEOGNOSI’s permanent staff is 56 people mainly constituted of qualified scientists and technicians specialized in geotechnical, geological and geoenvironmental investigations and design. GEOTEST’s established laboratory is consists of modern technology equipment, qualified scientists and technicians and can guarantee high quality of services.

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